Participate in the final of the POE ExileCon competition

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I still remember walking into the preparation room confidently with the other three racers and chatting with them most of the time when it was quiet. Participating in the competition makes me feel good because I ran two good results in a local Internet cafe that morning. As soon as I sat down, I started to feel slow. Everything was frightening then. I asked myself: "Did I practice enough for this? I spent more than a hundred hours, enough?"


Participate in the final of the POE ExileCon competition

After some technical difficulties, we started to work and heard that Waggle had passed away in Hillock. I thought he was exhausted, nervous, and afraid to play. After watching a few games, I can confidently say that this is not Waggle's way of playing. This shows that he is recovering well.

I was the first person to kill Brutus, but I'm not sure why I feel too slow. This is because only the upper prisons are read, but this is not enough to promote competition. I can't get the magic wand craft, which can be done in most 8th level matches. Before the election, this will be changed back to Metamorph, so although the wand craft is not needed, it still feels good to use. Since then, I have been slower than everyone else, so I only thought of one thing: going forward. This will eventually lead to my failure because I skipped the backpack that I shouldn't have and the safe I should not miss. This inevitably allowed me to get promoted while fighting Weaver, so I told myself that I only need to recover in XP until I put down Tabula.

I first want to know how to use six link single target settings, six precise link settings, or five links. I chose five relationships between the two, but this makes my mana cost much higher than before, and I have not reached level 18, so it is not easy to get all the currency. I have a sinking feeling: "Will I lose to Tabula Rasa? I will be remembered for Tabula Rasa's failure." It finally came true, and I was very disappointed. I went back to the hotel room, took a nap, and watched a video about gaming needs. I thought Tabulast was an exciting way of expression, so I accepted it.

However, everyone is satisfied with the game, and GGG and community members actively support the game. Seriously, this is one of the best communities. Because of this game, I don't want to disappoint myself in the next ExileCon performance.

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