How to Use Path of Exile The Price of Loyalty Divination Card

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The reason why I like The Price of Loyalty is that it has a high variance, the highest rate of return, but low expectations and because it adds other peculiarities that do not exist in the trade alliance economy. Unique and cool treasure. Threshold Jewelry has two powerful damage functions, which can make the unique level more balanced so that it can be promoted to the endgame, and so on. As a person with a background in mathematics, two of the hardest problems related to mathematics in statistical inference related to POE determine the impressive expectations of Vaal Turning and Stacked Decks-which makes me love them both.


How to Use Path of Exile The Price of Loyalty Divination Card

Then, the thought turned to the taste of cards. Given that the card reward involves three intersecting horrors themes-the cruelty of Val, the name loyal skin' and the unique, almost Lovecraft-esque horror theme of Chayula, I knew I wanted to design one Independent horror story.

I hope that the flavor text conveys fear and total contempt for the skinned cultists. This is not a senior believer who makes human sacrifices in important ceremonies, but because someone has been told to do so, they throw garbage. When I originally submitted the offer, the offer was attributed to Zilquapa, but it was not entirely suitable at some resolutions, so the attribute was removed. However,

I proposed the following artistic direction for the committee:
About three Christians (in different costumes) lined up, staring blankly into the distance.
The fourth believer uses the ritual dagger (the unique Chayula unity in the dream) to be one of the three believers alive on the skin. The victim did not respond to the fatal wound at all, nor did the next two cultists. The victim's skin hung loosely beside them.
The soul of the dying believer, rather than escape, is attracted to this skin. When it leaves the body, it is white, and when it enters the skin, it is a pale red.

GGG's divination card artist did a great job of performing this operation.
When I submitted The Price of Loyalty, I did have other ideas, but I finally decided against it. These used to be:
A card called Entropy, 19% quality, double damaged and worn
A card named Prehistoric Ruins, on which there are six identical Ultra Rare Delvi Fossils, with the flavor text In the blood-stained tangled hollow, the faceted carvings are broken;
It is similar to the card of Nook's Crown in function. I may commission the menu at the same time.
A card inspired by the Shroud of Eternity can be used to create a random unique through random balls but is not affected by the shaper.
A Shaper Hubris Circlet card of level 86 with random eternal maze enchantments.

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