5 Best Engravings to Use in Lost Ark

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Engravings are unique traits that you can level up and equip in Lost Ark that enhance your abilities and make your Lost Ark characters stronger. Engravings are one of the many ways to increase your character's power, but some engravings are stronger than others.

5 Best Engravings to Use in Lost Ark

Upgrading an engraving to a legendary engraving is expensive. Therefore, it is essential to know which Engravings are worth using and the best left in the dust. This guide will go over the best engravings to use in the game to properly allocate your resources.



Note. This guide does not cover class engravings but general engravings such as "Spite" and "Sharp Blunt Weapons".




The Grudge Engraving deals 4%/10%/20% more damage to boss monsters, increasing your damage taken by 20%. This means that you will deal more damage in Guardian raids and Abyssal dungeons, but you risk dying and taking more damage.


Grudge is one of the most reliable ways to increase your DPS in the game and is one of the most requested engraving recipes (Grudge's legendary engraving is currently worth over 12,000 gold on the market!) However, please note that Malice makes you more susceptible to damage. If you're not good at dodging attacks and avoiding injury, you might want to consider an alternative.



Sharp, Blunt Weapon

Engraved Keen Blunt Weapon deals 10%/25%/50% more critical damage, but you have a chance to deal 20% less damage overall. You'll need a decent amount of crit for this engraving to work, but your damage will be off the charts once you do.


Sharp, blunt weapons are limited to classes that can get many critical strike chances, but once you manage to hit level 3 Sharp, blunt weapons, you will deal enough critical damage to offset the damage penalty you take.



Cursed Doll

The Cursed Doll engraving increases your attack power by 3%/8%/16% but reduces your healing by 25%. Also, you will no longer regenerate your HP naturally. This dramatically increases your attack power, but you won't be able to heal that much damage.


The increased damage you receive is significant, but it can hurt your survivability too much. This makes Cursed Doll look like Grudge. Consider how well you can avoid taking damage before picking up a Cursed Doll, and consider an alternative if necessary.




Engraving of Awakening reduces the cooldown of Awakening by 10%/25%/50% and increases the number of times you can use Awakening +1/+2/+3 times. This is important for classes that rely heavily on their awakening skills.


Many support characters rely on this engraving to increase the number of shields and buffs they can provide to their allies, as classes like Bard and Paladin benefit their team significantly with their Awakening. Some DPS characters like Soulfist use Awakening, as a significant portion of their DPS is loaded into their awakening skills.




Engraving "Expert" increases the effectiveness of Shield and Healing for all party members by 6% / 14% / 24%. If the target ally is below 50% health, this effect is increased by 3%/7%/12%. This is the main engraving for most supports in the game.


Shields and healing are essential as you can cut down on the number of potions needed for allies to use and save your partners from raid-ending attacks. As a result, this is one of the most requested support classes in the game, such as Bard and Paladin.


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